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Kayleth – Colossus – Album Review

Square up to Colossus and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of an almighty bruisin'!

Almost three years since the release of debut album Space Muffin (a fuckin’ great title by the way!), Italian stoner metallers Kayleth are back with Colossus….and it’s an apt name for a suitably gargantuan, fuzzy riff-fest!

A heavy as fuck, progressively-minded, psychedelic/space, stoner rock/metal band, Kayleth sound massive here and their Kyuss meets Soundgarden meets Monster Magnet grooves aren’t just strong, they’re positively potent.

With layers of synths and space-age noises adding to the cosmic feel, it’s (thankfully) still the guitars that do the talking and Kayleth are well versed in delivering the most succinct and crushing riffs around. This shit rocks, it rolls and it traverses time and space with ease (relative or otherwise) and it’s all propelled by a power-surge of a vocal performance  from Enrico Gastaldo.

At 60 mins, Colussus is, at times, a little too colossal for its own good but the sense of urgency that inhibits the majority of the tracks carries it through and if you square up to Colossus, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of an almighty stoner rock/metal bruisin’! 7/10

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