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The Watchers – Black Abyss – Album Review

'Keep an eye' on these guys......

The Watchers first came to our attention with their 2016 EP release Sabbath Highway, the name of which gave you a darn good idea of where these hirsute chaps were coming from!

If, god forbid, you’re not familiar with this band, then you owe it to yourself to rectify that situation sharpish!


Because Black Abyss is chock-full of authentic sounding 70’s style groove and the likes of the title track, “Oklahoma Black Magic” and the closing “Seven Tenets” will worm their way into your mind and bury themselves deep into your subconscious, refusing to let go without one hell of a fight. Vocalist Tim Narducci is their secret weapon though, a man who delivers his lines with the soulful intensity of Layne Staley and John Garcia.

We’ve already described The Watchers’ music as “this is what happens when great musicianship, melody and a fuck-tonne of attitude combine to glorious effect” and while the band dipped below our radar since the release of Sabbath Highway, with the forthcoming release of their debut album, Black Abyss, we should hopefully be hearing a lot more from them in the months to come.

The Watchers are not achieving anything overtly original with their algamation of clasic rock and metal sounds but what they do, they do damn well! If the lads can keep releasing music of this quality then their future should be self-assured. 8/10

Black Abyss will receive an official release on 9th March via Ripple Music. Pre-order now at Ripple Music – www.ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/products

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