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12 Underrated 90’s Hard Rock and Metal Albums

Source // galeon.com

Common opinion has it that the 90’s were considerably tough for Hard Rock and Metal bands and to a certain degree that statement rings true. The rise of Grunge and the Alternative scene all but killed Hair Metal stone dead and certainly went some way to derailing Thrash and stalling Metal’s progress; then came the lamentable rise of Nu Metal of course.

To be truthful, many of the so called big-hitters seemed to be in one hell of a rut. Both Maiden and Priest lost their talismanic frontmen and the likes of Megadeth and Metallica seemed to turn their backs on Thrash Metal and Metal in general as the decade progressed.

Of course, there were also some high-profile groundbreaking releases during that time in the shape of Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power, Fear Factory’s Demanufacture, Sepultura’s Chaos AD and Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes to name just a few. These releases alone contest that Metal was actually in pretty good health in the 90’s but many great 90’s albums have been unfairly lost to the annals of time, overshadowed by the dominance of Grunge, Nu-Metal etc.

With that in mind, we have ignored the high profile releases of the decade and instead selected 12 albums we feel don’t always get the credit they so richly deserve…..

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