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Goregӓng – Neon Graves – Album Review

Try not to puke!

Crusty death metal marauders Goregӓng have a debut full length for your delectation and with members of Venom Inc., Ribspreader, Wombbath and Soilwork (live) in their ranks, you just know that this shit is gonna deliver a sludgy, putrid, muddy mix of old-school brutality and sinful groove!

With elements of early-Death, Napalm Death and the incessant grooves of prime Swedish death metal informing every track, Neon Graves is an onslaught of back-to-basics death metal, delivered by a trio who understand that sometimes, less is most definitely more.

As indicated, the biggest thrill is just how succinct Goregӓng’s Neon Graves is, with virtually every track dementedly chugging its way into the 2min-3min pleasure zone. While the doomy, Autopsy-esque inflection of the title track may slow things down a notch, the remainder of the album is a quick-fire flick through the pages of early death metal’s finest moments…..a combination that is sure to please the most committed, old-school, death metal fan.

Goregӓng may be a slightly infantile sounding name but there’s nothing ‘junior’ about the satisfyingly gnarly sounds coughed up by these Floridan swamp dwelling reprobates. Great stuff! 7/10

Goregӓng (US)
Neon Graves (Death Metal/Crust)
Transcending Obscurity Records
Release: 20 May 2019

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