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Bloodyard – Orchard of Corpses – Album Review

Don't eat the fruit!

Groove/death metal specialists Bloodyard have been steadily building themselves quite the profile in the UK and the time has, finally, come for them to unleash their debut album, Orchard of Corpses!

Not an orchard you’d fancy having a quiet ramble though, this particular copse is riddled with the filth and stench of old-school death metal and is a relentless attack of groove and hostility. The rapid-fire brutality of “Mortem” finds Donna Hurd barking out lyrics like a particularly pissed of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – and is our personal highlight – while “Rupture The Mask”‘s Lamb Of God-esque thrashing then renders you speechless as Bloodyard succinctly set out their stall in just under two and a half furious minutes.

There’s little to no let-up as Bloodyard ruthlessly tighten the screw and that’s potentially to their detriment. A little more variety wouldn’t go amiss but then we can hardly lambast them for maintaining such a high level of brutal aggression either! Closing with 10 minutes of Bolt Thrower-esque chug and groove is also a brave move with “Antithesis” proving to be a suitably epic finish to a consistently impressive album.

Overall, Orchard of Corpses is a fine debut from a band who’ve plugging away on the circuit for a while now….and they fully deserve to climb to the next level! 7/10

Bloodyard’s Orchard of Corpses is set for release on 1st May 2020.



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