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Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay – Album Review

The dead will rise!

Does the world need another Swedish death metal album in the vein of classic bands like Entombed and Dismember?

No, of course not.

However, do those of us who were raised on the genre want (need?) another album entering this already over-stuffed, Boss HM-2 pedal driven, sub-genre?

Hell yeah!

Fortunately for us freaks, Entrails‘ respectable seventh festering album, An Eternal Time of Decay, is a grotesque opus that’s dominated by horror-obsessed lyrics and that grimy Stockholm death metal sound.

Unsurprisingly, Entrails are uninterested in pushing the boundaries of their old-school death metal in any new direction, but these maniacs are highly skilled at creating just the right amount of catchy and caustic songs. Featuring 11 songs of straight-ahead classic death metal, An Eternal Time of Decay is filled with the type of grooves we love, the d-beat rhythms we desire and plenty of melodic solos.

And there’s not much more to elaborate on with this new album. The vibrant and morbid zombie cover art truly sells what dwells inside this LP, and newcomers to Entrails’ putrid excellence will no doubt discover a whole world of morbid sonic fun. On the other hand, seasoned old school death metal fans will certainly dig the classic sound of the bands mostly-original songs.

Overall, An Eternal Time of Decay will sate the blood lust of any Swedish extreme metal fan….even if it fails to find anything new to say! 7/10

<br />Entrails - An Eternal Time of Decay

EntrailsAn Eternal Time Of Decay is due for release on June 24th, 2022

Pre-order Hammerheart Records: https://bit.ly/3tDGo8D

Pre-order Napalm Records: https://bit.ly/3hSn2Hz

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