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Cerebral Rot – Excretion of Mortality – Album Review

Known for grunge and classic power metal like Queensrÿche and Nevermore, the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington is now a hotbed of filth and musical depravity and has spawned the likes of filthy death metal entity, Cerebral Rot. Crawling from grimy sewers, Cerebral Rot have unleashed Excretion of Mortality on the inimitable 20 Buck Spin label and it is the quartet’s second tremendous muck-encrusted venture into filthy old school death metal. The album is a morbidly appropriate continuation of their deliciously dismal debut, Odious Descent Into Decay. Just like their debut, Excretion of Mortality is soaked in gore and filled to the gills with memorable riffs.

There’s something unhealthily addictive and catchy about Cerebral Rot’s decrepit and murky extreme metal that bores its way into your brain like a decaying parasite. On Excretion of Mortality, the quartet fuse their influences adroitly and steer clear from copying the masters like old-school Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Autopsy. Even though there are clear influences, Cerebral Rot have dismembered those grind corpses’ sounds and play their own brain-rotting brand of crusty gore metal.

Opening track “Excretion of Mortality” is a mid-paced jaunt through cavernous metal territory. The next song “Vile Yolk of Contagion’ continues the wonderful assault on the senses with more catchy and wretched metal. There are plenty of time changes and distorted and muddy tonal shifts in their sound with drummer Drew O’Bryant supplying no-frills deviant drum work.

Cerebral Rot’s sound is organic and coarsely produced in the best way possible throughout the next few tracks. The seventh and final song “Crowning The Disgustulent (Breed of Repugnance)” is a tad long at 11 minutes but really that’s a small complaint about an album that’s swamped in such entertaining gore. Overall, this album is a fine example of old-school gore metal for modern malfeitors.

While it’s not a perfect release, Excretion of Mortality is obscenely engaging for its 47-minute duration and a deliriously fun ride. As vicious as they sound, you know that these Seattleites are having the time of their life unleashing their putrid metal. 7/10

Cerebral Rot’s Excretion of Mortality was released on June 25th, 2021 via 20 Buck Spin

Excretion of Mortality - Album by Cerebral Rot | Spotify
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