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Galvanizer – Sanguine Vigil – Album Review

Old school death metal.....GALVANIZED!

In a loving tribute to Scandinavia’s death metal roots, Finland’s Galvanizer have unleashed a debut album ripe with stinking deathgrind, insane grindcore and good old fashioned, super intense, death fuckin’ metal!

“Mood For The Blade” is one hell of an opener, a Bloodbath-esque exercise in raw brutality replete with that Sunlight Studios skuzzy, swampy guitar tone which lends this sort of filth an immediate authenticity. “Grind Till… You’re Dead!” is then a filthy blast of old-school malevolence, careering forth with barely any sense of structure, snarling and thrashing like it’s the mid 80’s all over again….just like all good grindcore should! “Domestic Masticiation” returns to a ‘safer’ formula, with its early Bloodbath references before a barrage of blast beats ups the extremity and we’re crossing into grindcore country once again.

Just when you think you have Galvanizer pegged they unleash a death ‘n roll monster in the shape of “Gorefestation”, unleashing insane grooves (and more blastbeats) at an electrifying pace and ably recalling the pioneering work of early Xysma.

It’s this mixing of every element of extreme metal’s foundations that makes Sanguine Vigil such fun to listen to. It’s nostalgic but it’s also full of exuberance and massive, massive tunes.

You can namecheck countless bands who provide notable inspiration (we lost count after notching up Grave, Entombed, Xysma, Bloodbath, Dismember, Abhorrence, Vomitory, Nasum the list goes on) and while Sanguine Vigil may be a literal resurrection of carnage, Galvanizer are simply paying tribute to all that has come before them. Most importantly, they do it well, they do it loud and they do it with authenticity! 7/10

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