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The 20 Greatest Death ’N’ Roll Tracks In Existence!

Getcha HM-2 inspired groove on....

Source // cdn.discogs.com

Death ‘n’ Roll – the ugly as sin, bastardised son of death metal and 70’s hard rock – is a term that the originators of the sound rarely acknowledge without scepticism but sums up the grit, groove and barely restrained gore of a sound that can only be described as….Death ‘N’ Mutherf*ckin’ Roll!

A sub-genre that has unearthed a multitude of classic albums over the last two decades, Worship Metal has shortlisted 20 of the finest slabs of groove-laden death ’n’ roll ever created…..so bang that head like it’s 1975 and shred those vocal chords like it’s 1990; death ‘n’ roll is gonna rock your bleedin’ socks off!

The Crown – “Dead Man’s Song”

Source // s3.amazonaws.com

Source // s3.amazonaws.com

Taken from the album: The Deathrace King (2000)

Dead Man’s Song is a half death/thrash, half death ‘n’ roll rumble from an all time classic album.

Channeling the melodic might of Maiden, the rabid thrash of late 80’s Kreator and Sodom and the all conquering death metal their fellow countrymen pioneered, Sweden’s The Crown were at their peak on 2000’s The Deathrace King.

Despite theses myriad of influences, at it’s core “Dead Man’s Song” is a reworking of rock’s glory years fed through a death/thrash mindset. The rhythms may be sped up but the melody remains, buried beneath coarse vocals but realised through contemptuously executed – yet still classic sounding – face melting solo’s; the face of rock ‘n’ roll acceptability distorted by death metal’s leering gaze.  

Dominus – “Confront The 9”

Source // cdn.discogs.com

Source // cdn.discogs.com

Taken from the album: The First 9 (1996)

A rock-hard death ‘n’ roller from Dominus – the band Volbeat’s Michael Poulson first made his name with – “Confront The 9” ups the vocal aggression but retains a sense of the rolling riff momentum and fiery solo’s of the classic 70’s rock bands.

Inventive and as liberal with elephantine grooves as it is with death metal blasting, Dominus may have repeatedly changed their style with each album but “Confront The 9”, from 1996’s The First 9, is ample proof that death ‘n’ roll was their forte!

Vigorous and uncontrollable head-banging is mandatory.

Convulse – “The Green Is Grey”

Source // pp.vk.me

Source // pp.vk.me

Taken from the album: Reflections (1994)

The Green Is Grey” is a true death ‘n’ roll masterclass infused with stonking riffs that would arguably have benefitted from not including those gargled vocals!

Nevertheless, Finland’s Convulse were/are an experimental death metal band at heart and their off-beat rhythms (could this be considered jazz ‘n’ death ‘n’ roll?) produced a twisted take on the upbeat rhythms of good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll and added layers of death metal menace.

Batshit crazy, utterly unique and completely brilliant!

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3 Comments on The 20 Greatest Death ’N’ Roll Tracks In Existence!

  1. Cherrorist // June 26, 2017 at 7:12 am // Reply

    Um, Grave Soulless and Satyricon K.I.N.G.

    • Chris Jennings // June 26, 2017 at 8:07 am // Reply

      Good call on Grave’s Soulless but Satyricon are black metal (even if you wanna call ’em Black ‘N’ Roll on Now Diabolical). Thanks for reading and commenting \m/

  2. Good list, there are a couple of names new at all to me, Iìll check it. I think “uprising” is the best Death ‘n roll album from Entombed 😉 I add the band Jesus Chrüsler Supercar at the list. My band play death’n’ Roll! Check my band if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOZnByd2VOc. Cheers

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