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Legendary Thrash Band Returns From The Dead!

Thrash fans! All your Christmas' have come at once!!

Vinnie La Bella and Kyle Thomas have revived Exhorder, the legendary New Orleans thrash act that delivered an all time thrash metal classic in the formidable shape of Slaughter In The Vatican and invented groove metal along the way!

Fans would have died from asphyxiation holding their breath waiting for this reformation, but it has happened and the band have signed a worldwide management deal with All Independent Service Alliance (AISA) .

As mentioned, the Exhorder reunion is lead by founding members Vinnie LaBella (Guitar) and Kyle Thomas (Vocals) who are joined by Jason Viebrooks (Heathen) on bass, Marzi Montazeri (ex-Superjoint Ritual, ex-Phil Anselmo & The Illegals) on guitar and Sasha Horn (Forbidden) on drums.

Lead guitarist and primary songwriter Vinnie La Bella commented:

“Over our 30 year history we have obviously had more than our fair share of struggles. Struggles that have broken us apart on several occasions. Whether those struggles were internal, external or both, no matter the situation, we always find are way back to one another. How? Why? It took me 30 years to realize it’s because the relationships run too deep, the songs are timeless, and the fans are ageless. It’s meant so much to us and so many others. And it’s for these reasons Exhorder CAN’T be broken, even by the hands that created it. Like it or not, love it or hate it, Exhorder is forever and it’s my duty, my honor and privilege to do it again!”

Vocalist Kyle Thomas added:

“It would probably be best to never say never for the rest of my life, because I thought that this could not happen again. However, here we are one more time! I am extremely pumped to take the stage yet again with Exhorder to bring to life some of the most classic songs in thrash metal and hardcore history. We will put everything into it as always, doing our best to see to it that no one will ever walk away from an Exhorder show dissatisfied. We’re back!”

2018 will be extremely exciting for the band, as Exhorder will play their first shows in the US in February and are planning on taking summer festivals by storm!

The band’s first two US shows will be held at St Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, where they will play their legendary first album Slaughter in the Vatican on Friday, February 9th, and their sophomore album The Law on Saturday, February 10th. The band will also play a homecoming show in New Orleans at Southport Hall on February 12th, Lundi Gras.

What a way to end 2017!

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