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Gruesome Honour The Death Metal Gods With New EP!

The old-school death metal machine moves up a gear!

Source // f1.bcbits.com

Gruesome – Florida’s modern purveyors of truly old-school death metal – have entered the studio to begin working on a new EP titled Dimensions Of Horror. Once again featuring artwork from the legendary Ed Repka (Death, Megadeth), the bands new EP will see a release via Relapse in 2016.

Gruesome commented on the upcoming material:

“This fall we’ll be heading to Chuck’s hometown of Orlando to start working on our upcoming release. For this one, we’ve dug even deeper into the roots of our favorite Floridians Death, with some lewd, rude and crude Death Metal. It’s gonna be nasty and raw and I can’t wait to see what returning cover artist Ed Repka comes up with for this one! This record is designed to be cranked on cassette in your I-ROC Z and totally piss off the PMRC, if those were still things that happened.”

Faithful, fearless and utterly committed to honouring death metal’s forefathers, Gruesome may not be breaking new ground but they’re certainly commemorating the pioneering work of Chuck Schuldiner in considerable style!

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