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4 Essential Re-Releases Arriving In November!

Source // f1.bcbits.com

November 2015 sees the re-release of 4 nostalgia-invoking albums that include a revamped classic from the glory days of the NWOBHM, a stunning debut from some crust punk/thrash pioneers and 2 supreme efforts from 2 perennially under appreciated U.S. thrash bands.

If you don’t own these crackers already, the time has now come to add some quality releases to your collections….

Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness

Source // Sacrilege

Source // Sacrilege

November 13th sees the first ever fully authorised reissue of Sacrilege‘s Behind The Realms Of Madness, now fully remastered and featuring seven unreleased bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes!

A red raw, crust-punk (before the term was even officially coined), thrash metal hybrid, Sacrilege’s debut album remains a vicious assault on the senses that seriously put the willies up the people of the UK when it arrived over 30 years ago!

Behind The Realms Of Madness roared it’s disapproval of life in the 80’s from the gutter, wallowing in the overwhelming stench of hypocrisy and bureaucracy that flowed through the streets. Featuring the most ferocious female vocals captured on tape and the kind of D-Beat battery that Discharge had helped to popularise, Sacrilege’s fusion of anarcho-punk with the then burgeoning thrash scene created something truly iconic and innovative.

Sacrilege took punk and metal by the throat and beat them into an unrecognisable – and revolutionary – new form of expression, one which the likes of Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower were certainly paying attention to and one which finally returns to cause  maximum carnage once again!

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