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Worship Metal Looks Ahead to Download 2016’s Must See Bands!

The UK's biggest Metal Festival is nearly upon us....

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath The End

Obviously we have to mention Sabbath; particularly as this is (probably) our last opportunity to see these all-time legends live.

Many months have past since Bill Ward swore he was match fit and Ozzy – now effectively the king of the Sabbath castle – swore Bill was full of shit, killing our chances of seeing the classic line up sharing a stage again. Whatever happens next, Ozzy, Geezer and Tony will likely be wanting to make their final performances ones to remember.

Let’s just hope they leave the contents of their ill-advised 13 album at home and crank out the classics one last time!

The Best Of The Rest….

Biff Byford


It would be plain rude not to point out that Download’s smaller stages contain some real jewels this year.

On Saturday, Municipal Waste will be continuing the thrash revival with their tongue-in-cheek brand of crossover before Napalm Death, currently on a rich vein of form, close the same stage on Sunday. Elsewhere, occult rockers Ghost will pave the way for Saxon’s headline slot. While Papa Emeritus and Co. never really recaptured the majesty of their debut, they’ll no doubt deliver a great show.

Of course, the main stage is very much the place to spend your evenings this year with the likes of Korn, Deftones, Rammstein and the almighty Iron Maiden – riding high on the success of their excellent Book Of Souls album – sure to impress as always.

But the biggest question mark of all hovers over what or who will fill the huge pair of empty boots left by Lemmy’s sad departure and the colossal Motorhead-shaped void that looms large over Friday night’s line up. Whatever happens, we’re guessing it’ll be fitting of the great man’s legacy.

Roll on June the 10th.

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