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Anihilated to Record The 30th Anniversary Edition Of Their Debut EP!

There's only one path to choose....

Source // Anihilated

UK thrash machine Anihilated are set to enter the studio next month and record the 30th anniversary edition of their 1986 EP Path To Destruction.

The perfect accompaniment to their debut album Created In Hate, this 4 track EP first sowed the seeds of the thrash outfit that was to come, acting as a bridge between Anihilated’s punk origins and the almighty thrashing unit that is currently sitting atop the UK thrash pile. Check out last year’s outstanding Anti Social Engineering for ample proof that Anihilated are more vital to the UK thrash scene than ever and then rewind the clock back to where it all began….a sonic trip down the path to inevitable destruction.

Pre-orders for this strictly limited edition version of Path To Destruction will begin in the next few weeks. So,  when it hits….be swift! This version will soon be as hard to get your grubby mitts on as the original vinyl pressing!

Source // www.slaneyrecords.com Anihilated

Source // www.slaneyrecords.com Anihilated


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