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Worship Metal Looks Ahead to Download 2016’s Must See Bands!

The UK's biggest Metal Festival is nearly upon us....

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Whether you love Download Festival’s brand of good, clean, heavy fun or bemoan its creeping acceptance of glossy TV stations – complete with pretty blonde presenters, controversial band choices and ever escalating prices – you can’t deny it remains a key date in the heavy metal calendar.

Over 90,000 metal heads will converge on one of heavy metal’s prime cathedrals, Castle Donnington, between the 10th and 12th of June this year and, obviously, Worship Metal will be among them!

So, please join us for our top tips for the big weekend. Let’s just hope the weather is better than last year!


Havok 2016

Spearheading the current charge of 80’s thrash revivalists, Denver-based Havok channel the aggression of Exodus and Slayer, the bounce of Anthrax and the musicality of classic-era Metallica. What’s more, they mix in modern song writing expertise and a sense of political-tinged flair.

Their current album Unnatural Selection is like a digitally encoded party in your living room and given their early afternoon slot on Friday, you can expect these boys to make your hard-earned hangover a thing of the past!

Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn Lost Ritual

We were delighted to see British sludge-core pioneers Raging Speedhorn reactivated during 2015 and their Download appearance should be the fanfare return fans have waited a long time for.

These oft-overlooked flag-bearers for British metal gave us 2002’s modern classic We Will Be Dead Tomorrow and ahead of their upcoming comeback album, Lost Ritual, it will be fantastic to hear their caveman grooves and dual vocal assault unleashed unto the metal masses once again.

Expect random acts of violence!

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