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Worship Metal Looks Ahead to Download 2016’s Must See Bands!

The UK's biggest Metal Festival is nearly upon us....


Periphery III

7-string wizard Misha Mansoor’s prog metal outfit really came into their own on 2015’s multi-faceted double album Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega and their triple guitar assault – alongside vocalist Spencer Sotelo’s polished diamond vocal delivery – subsequently sounded assured and strident supporting the Devin Townsend Project on tour.

These Djent pioneers are in a league of their own and expectation for their forthcoming album and their highly anticipated Download debut couldn’t be higher!

Electric Wizard


Trust Download to throw in the occasional band you simply wouldn’t expect to see at a festival of this kind.

Being slightly cynical, we could speculate that with the number of ma-hoosive bands taking the main stage during the weekend, we have been thrown a few odd-balls lower down the bill for diversity’s sake. Let’s face it, shit doesn’t get much odder than Electric Wizard’s brand of droning psychedelic stoner-doom with mournful, ritualistic vocals and drawn out art rock soundscapes.

Spark up a bong and bring it on!

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