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Worship Metal Looks Ahead to Download 2016’s Must See Bands!

The UK's biggest Metal Festival is nearly upon us....


Megadeth Dave Mustaine 2016

The latest of Megadeth’s manifold personnel changes – combined with Dave’s decision to detune the guitars a half-step on their latest album Dystopia – seems to have had a positive impact on the band’s output. They sound heavier than ever and their latest clutch of songs are as tight and as focussed as their Rust In Peace heyday.

Though recent live shows betray the inevitability of Dave’s advancing years, Megadeth still sound great and are currently strapped with some excellent visuals.

Mr ‘I invented Metallica’ has a chequered history with Castle Donnington, so expect him to wheel out his A-game on the night!


Tesseract band pic


The brainchild of guitarist Acle Kahney, TesseracT peddle exactly what you’d expect from a prog metal band; clankingly low guitars, mathematical rhythms and off-kilter grooves. What you perhaps won’t expect though is their use of droning keyboard washes and vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place in a glossy pop tune!

On paper they should be heavier than a bag of anvils, in reality they are a strangely elegant and ethereal proposition. Their current album, Polaris is a work of considerable beauty and in front of a festival crowd, TesseracT’s set could prove very interesting.

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