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The 10 Greatest Thrash Albums Of 2017!

2017......an outstanding year for THRASH!

4. Terrifier – Weapons Of Thrash Destruction

No mere pastiche or nostalgic piss take, Canada’s Terrifier lovingly crafted a pure thrash metal album that made you want to dig out your white hi-tops and wedge yourself into your old skin tight jeans!

Proving itself to be an apt title, this ripper of an album contained enough WMD’s to shame the majority of bands operating under the guise of old school thrash. Raw, vicious and full of taut muscular riffing – and a drum attack that left you gasping for clean air – this truly great album may have lacked variety but who gives a fuck when they’re thrashin’ this hard and this fast!

With definite dofts of the (baseball) cap to the likes of Kreator and Exodus, this lightning bolt of an album was one of 2017’s finest releases and should see Terrifier take another major leap forward with their career.

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  1. Great place for Sepultura. Annihilator’s ‘For The Demented’ also deserves a mention.

  2. Wow, what a weak list… Only 3 of that list deserve to be part of a top 10.

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