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The 10 Greatest Thrash Albums Of 2017!

2017......an outstanding year for THRASH!

7. Lich King – The Omniclasm

Commanding you to mosh like it was the last mosh on earth, Lich King’s The Omniclasm finally made its way into our earholes and proceeded to blast our eardrums clean out the back of our heads!

Having to wait 5 years for the follow-up to the incredible Born Of The Bomb proved arduous but the wait was well worth it as Lich King’s hyper thrash delivered frenetic riffs, gang vox, razor-throated screams, ear-shredding solos, and Lich King’s patented brand of humour. It’s exactly what you want from a Lich King album and it was a relief to hear them simply thrash the fuck out and deliver riff after riff after riff after riff…..

That being said, “Civilisation” upped the ante when it came to surprises as this 7 min epic embraced prog, hammond organ(!) and all manner of tempo changes to provide some much needed variety.

While they appear to not give a fuck about anything, hardcore thrashers care enough to appreciate blistering thrash when they hear it…..and The Omniclasm delivered it in spades.

In fact, the whole thing gave us an Omni-gasm!


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  1. Great place for Sepultura. Annihilator’s ‘For The Demented’ also deserves a mention.

  2. Wow, what a weak list… Only 3 of that list deserve to be part of a top 10.

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