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5 Reasons Why The Return Of Acid Reign Is The Best Thing We’ve Heard This Year!

The Kings Of Apple Core Return....It's Gonna Be Juicy!

5. They Complete The Set

Source // assets.blabbermouth.net

Source // assets.blabbermouth.net

The old-guard of British Thrash is currently riding a wave of critical acclaim with Anihilated already releasing a monumental album in 2015 and the likes of Xentrix, Onslaught, Re-Animator, Lawnmower Deth, D.A.M and Virus all performing and many recording brand new material for the first time in decades!

Acid Reign are practically the last band of the golden era to sort their sh*t out (we may have to wait awhile for the return of Sabbat, Slammer and Energetic Krusher) and UK Thrash is fundamentally better for it.

When, and surely it’s on the cards, a UK Thrash Tour featuring Acid Reign and at least 50% of the bands listed above is announced you’d better get a ticket! It’ll be one hell of a show!

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