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5 Reasons Why The Return Of Acid Reign Is The Best Thing We’ve Heard This Year!

The Kings Of Apple Core Return....It's Gonna Be Juicy!

4. Your Ears Will Have The Chance To Hear Something Decent Again!

Source // www.shopcircus.net

Source // www.shopcircus.net

Acid Reign’s reunion means we finally get to hear these awesome tracks live once again….

The technical Thrash of “Thoughtful Sleep” and “Creative Restraint“, the speed and crunch of “Goddess” and “Humanoia” and the sheer joy of their cover of Blondie’s “Hangin’ On The Telephone” are sure to tickle your cerebral sensitive spots in the live environment in the near future!

They may be older but we doubt they’re much wiser and the chaos and pure energy of an Acid Reign live show will be a sight to behold once more! Worship Metal will be on it like a car bonnet when Tour dates are announced so keep ’em peeled, we’ll keep you updated.

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