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Paradise Lost Come Full Circle on New Video!

Behold! The Prodigal Sons Return!

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Paradise Lost have released their new video for “Beneath Broken Earth” and it’s easily the heaviest, Doomiest slab of sullen misery these pioneers of Death/Doom have released since their Lost Paradise debut way back in 1990.

Check out the video here….but make sure you’re in a healthy state of mind before doing so. This funeral dirge could send you over the edge!

There’s something refreshingly nostalgic about hearing a classic band return to their roots.

Perhaps it’s Nick Holmes recent stint in Swedish Death Metal supergroup Bloodbath that has prompted this return to a much darker, heavier sound but whatever has prompted this u-turn, we for one are cock-a-hoop to have Paradise Lost back to their depressingly morbid best!

The Plague Within, Paradise Lost’s 14th(!) album is due for release on 1st June.

Brace yourselves for a Death/Doom masterpiece \m/

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