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Gévaudan – The Burning Of The Black Sun – Single Review

Doom merchants embrace a Stoner-Rock vibe

Hot on the heels of their well received EP Message For The Damned, Doomy lot Gévaudan have a new single to unveil and it fully embraces the Stoner-Rock atmosphere only hinted at on their recent release.

The primeval sludge of old has been replaced with the purest Stoner-Rock vibe and the main riff of “The Burning Of The Black Sun” speeds Gévaudan along the up-tempo highway of Kyuss grooves and harnesses the sometime swagger of Brit Doom legends Cathedral. In fact, Cathedral’s snake-hipped rock-out “Ride” from The Etheral Mirror is the perfect comparison; all sweat, strutter and sweet-ass riffs.

Although this feels like a fun-filled departure from Gévaudan’s usual Doom-infused grittiness, it’s satisfying to hear a band let loose and embrace every facet of their influences. While we expect Gévaudan to fully re-immerse themselves in Doom’s murky waters in the future, for now, “The Burning Of The Black Sun” is a satisfying distraction. 7/10


“The Burning Of The Black Sun” is available from Gévaudan’s bandcamp page for free(!): https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/track/the-burning-of-the-black-sun-single

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