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Worship Metal Album Of The Week: UnKured – Mutated Earth

A Death Thrash Masterclass For Fans Of Death, Pestilence & Gorguts

Source // UnKured

Ohio Death-Thrashers UnKured wind the clock back to the early 1990’s with Mutated Earth; Worship Metal’s Album Of The Week

Opening with the menacing “Mutated Earth” you could be forgiven for thinking Chuck Schuldiner was making music from beyond the grave, so convincing are UnKured at emulating the great man’s progressive Death Metal. “They Live, We Sleep” and “Twisted & Warped” follow a similar pattern, a Thrashy Death Metal conquest that could have nestled in nicely on Death’s wildly inventive Individual Thought Patterns, complete with Steve DiGiorgio nimble bass flourishes. In fact, a veritable who’s who of the kings of Progressive Death Metal can be heard in UnKured’s feral racket from the instrumental experimentalism of Testimony Of The Ancients era Pestilence on “A Call From Eternity” and album highlight “Cells” to the early Gorguts inspired “…Into Crumbling Ruin”.

But enough with the comparisons, our name-dropping may paint a vivid picture and feed everyones nostalgia for the pioneers who took Death Metal further than ever thought possible but UnKured aren’t merely rehashing the glory days of Technical Thrash and Death Metal. Far removed from the cookie-cutter monotony of much of today’s Death Metal scene, this technically gifted trio have harnessed the power, precision and unfettered perfectionism of the greats but are defiantly moving in their own direction and marching to their own blast-beat.

Very rarely does an album evoke such nostalgia yet feel so resolutely of its time, the sound of the past and the sound of the future all rolled into one sublime package. UnKured certainly possess the capability to evolve, improve and delight with each subsequent release, we could be looking at the new kings of Progressive Death Metal here….time will tell. 8/10


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