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Killing Addiction – When Death Becomes An Art – EP Review

For Fans Of Malevolent Creation, Death and Monstrosity

Source // KillingAddiction

Hailing from Florida, always a good sign when talking Death Metal, Killing Addiction are a band who have been a part of the scene since the early 90’s and are back to make up for lost time. Their latest release, When Death Becomes An Art, follows 2010’s Fall Of The Archetypes album and progression is instantly noticeable.   

The two tracks on Killing Addiction’s latest EP are instantaneous attention-grabbers, bludgeoning, focused and stuffed with colossal grooves. You get the sense that these deathly songwriters have matured into lethal killing machines as they unleash the kind of Death/Thrash riffs that Malevolent Creation used to (and still do) excel at and the kind of intricate solo’s Uncle Chuck introduced into Death’s repertoire circa Spiritual Healing onwards.

There’s an enjoyably clean and crisp sound to Killing Addiction’s brand of Death Metal and while the brutality is clear to hear so is that all important groove; relentless savagery but with an old-school energy and catchiness that demands neck-snapping head movement of the most furious kind!

When Death Becomes An Art turns out to be a pretty apt title because Killing Addiction have crafted some damn fine Death Metal! Fans of the old-school Floridian way should lap this up. 8/10

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