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Six Feet Under – Crypt Of The Devil – Album Review

In The Crypt Of The Devil Is Actually A Nice Place To Be!

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A new Six Feet Under album, a new Six Feet Under line-up; proof that nothing much changes in the gruesome and grotesque world of Death Metal legend Chris Barnes! This time around, say adiós to Ola England (The Haunted) and Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Chimaria, Dååth) and, ironically, say hola to  Cannabis Corpse members Phil Hall (guitars), Josh Hall (drums) and Brandon Ellis (lead guitar) who provided the session work for this latest ode to murder and mutilation.

Crypt Of The Devil is Six Feet Under’s 11th album and dalliances with Technical Death Metal on their recent releases, Undead (2012) and Unborn (2013), have been balanced with the mid-tempo groove and gore found on 13 and Commandment. Proof that heaviness can be achieved without resorting to blurs of feverish riffing, Six Feet Under’s trademark groove seeps through each and every track with riffs which seem to ooze like the tumbling innards of a recently eviscerated corpse. Seemingly re-animated by his buddies in Cannabis Corpse lending a helping hand (probably a severed one), Chris Barnes’ gurglingly disturbing vocals are as vicious and viscous as ever. His ‘from the mind of a serial killer’ lyrics adding a deliciously morbid edge to Six Feet Under’s death rituals.

Let’s look at this subjectively, it’s Six Feet Under, you know what to expect. The one thing these gore-hounds always deliver is a visceral experience and it’s refreshing to know that Six Feet Under are as reliable as ever; the Motörhead of Death Metal if you will. After all, if it ain’t dead, don’t resurrect it! 7/10


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