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12 Of The Funniest Songs In Metal!

Amusing? Frickin' hilarious more like!

Steel Panther – Asian Hooker

Source // www.independent.co.uk

Source // www.independent.co.uk

Taken from the album Feel The Steel (2009)

They had to be in here somewhere! Steel Panther may be funny as f*ck but they also can play. Seriously, these gorgeous specimens got chops but we’ll take focus away from their undeniable prowess, glistening chests and impressively coiffured hair do’s to concentrate on the guffaws provided by the impossibly offensive and shockingly stereotypical “Asian Hooker“.

Beginning with a comically tinny Asian keyboard sample, Steel Panther combine old-school 80’s Heavy Metal and the dangerous pursuits of bedding as many STD riddled prostitutes as possible. It’s gross, it’s descriptive (in the worst possible ways) and it’s as funny as finding out your mate has got a massive crab infestation! 

Lich King – Black Metal Sucks

Source // metalshockfinland.files.wordpress.com

Source // metalshockfinland.files.wordpress.com

Taken from the EP Do-Over (2014)

We actually love Black Metal but there’s no denying the hilarity in Lich King’s assasination of a genre that would freely admit to opening itself up to ridicule.

Black Metal Sucks” works best when watching the accompanying video so sit back, smother your mug in corpse-paint and imagine running round your nearest wooded area wielding a giant axe and screaming “aaaiiiiieeeeeeeee” as loudly as your unintelligible rasp will allow!

Black Metal die-hards, you won’t like this. Everyone else, let the chuckle-spasms begin.

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9 Comments on 12 Of The Funniest Songs In Metal!

  1. You forgot psychostick! dogs like socks or blue screen

  2. AC’s Picnic Of Love is from the album Picnic Of Love, not It Just Gets Worse… and the whole album is hilarious!

    • Chris Jennings // June 4, 2015 at 3:00 pm // Reply

      Nice spot Ben! We were originally going to go with a choice title from ‘It Just Gets Worse’ and forgot to change it when we opted for ‘Picnic Of Love’ instead…..and you’re right, the whole of ‘Picnic Of Love’ is frickin’ hilarious! \m/

  3. I really really love Hello kitty from woods of trees. They are so good!!!!

  4. May I respectfully draw your attention to Jaldaboath’s “Bash The Bishop”, “Roland The Farter” and “Dex The Whispering Dwarf”? While I’m here, there’s also Conquest Of Steel’s “Fisting In The Name Of Metal”.

  5. Chris Jennings // June 5, 2015 at 1:41 pm // Reply

    You may Carl, and I thank you for it.

  6. Spazztic Blurr came to mind when I read the title of the article. Maybe their song “Mexacalli,” all about eating fast food? Then the Macabre Minstrels covering “Found a Peanut”…and of course Gwar for a little “Slaughterama”!

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