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10 Unlikely Instruments Used To Push The Boundaries of Metal

They used what now?!

7. Lutes & Ouds

Precursors to the modern acoustic guitar, the lute and the oud are very similar instruments with a few key differences.

For example, the lute is played with fingers, whereas the oud is played with a pick and the lute has frets, while the oud is fretless. In fact the lute is believed to have been derived from the oud, which was brought to Europe during the Crusades.

Both instruments have long and rich histories as traditional folk instruments and they have become just one of the many traditional instruments used by folk metal bands.

The lute is used by many folk metal bands such as Eluveitie; however it has seen use by slightly more obscure bands like In Extremo.

The oud is less common; however it has been utilized by Israeli metal band Orphaned Land on many occasions.


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