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10 Unlikely Instruments Used To Push The Boundaries of Metal

They used what now?!

3. Hurdy-Gurdy

Most have probably never even heard of the humble hurdy-gurdy (aka wheel fiddle, although that’s no less weird!) but this strange stringed instrument has been utilized by a couple of heavy metal bands!

Perhaps the most notable hurdy-gurdy playing metal band are Swiss folk group Eluveitie. Eluveitie are certainly no strangers to weird instruments, having already featured twice on this list, they have used everything from violins to harps in their music….just as any good folk metal band has.

Anna Murphy was their hurdy-gurdy player as well as vocalist until she split from the group quite recently, citing “grave personal conflict” as the reason for her departure

In 2016, Murphy founded another folk metal band named Cellar Darlings and to no-one’s surprise, she has taken her signature instrument with her! She can be seen shredding the hurdy-gurdy in Cellar Darlings video clip for new single “Black Moon’” from their upcoming album This Is The Sound.

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