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10 Unlikely Instruments Used To Push The Boundaries of Metal

They used what now?!

1. Chainsaw

It doesn’t get any more metal than a chainsaw! While a chainsaw is technically not an instrument, Jesse James Dupree of Southern American band Jackyl has done an exceptional job turning this power tool (or murder weapon) into, well… an instrument!

Just imagine the looks on the other band members faces when Dupree said that he wanted to use a chainsaw in their song “The Lumberjack”. Not only did he manage to actually pull it off, but he also created an infamous chainsaw solo that earned them a cult following!

The chainsaw has become such an integral part of their act that Dupree said in an interview that not including a chainsaw in their live events would be akin to “telling Angus not to wear his schoolboy outfit… or telling KISS not to wear their makeup” and he has even had a functional ‘chainsaw guitar’ custom made as a statement piece for the band

Jackyl, who hold the Guinness World Record for most live performances in 50 days with 101(!), can still be seen today cutting up pieces of furniture on stage with their signature instrument.

Have we forgotten any more unlikely instruments used by metal bands? Pop ’em in the comments section below of we have!

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