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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Seprevation – Echoes Of Mercy

Echoes of the death/thrash classics!

Seprevation’s Echoes Of Mercy is an absolute beast of an EP, so sure of itself it’s fucking intimidating and so intent on fucking shit up that the fact it’s a mere 4 track EP passes you by. Hence, our Album of the Week accolade!

Speed limits do not apply here as Seprevation storm through 4 tracks of late 80’s, early 90’s inspired death/thrash that positively reeks of the old-school but without relying on over-familiar cliches. Suitably brutal, Seprevation rip their way through a myriad of changes that can result in a blur of technicality but – and this is contributed to their songwriting skill – they never lose focus, always maintaining a brutal groove that makes each track instantly memorable and highly satisfying.

If a role call of familiar reference points is needed then we’d throw in the experimental nature of Death, the early doors death/thrash of Malevolent Creation and the unholy proto-death racket of Possessed….with a little Morbid Angel lurking threateningly in the background. That sound good enough for ya? It sure as hell better had because these guys are top fuckin’ notch!

Echoes Of Mercy adds up to an absolutely blistering 16 minutes of impressively brutal, speed-obsessed, extreme metal of the highest quality. With Seprevation, there’s no mercy given and frankly, there’s none required. 8/10

Pick up a copy of Echoes Of Mercy now!

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