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Rambuk – Chains – Album Review

Little lamb's of god....

You know when a new band reminds you of another band but you can’t quite put your finger on who. The influence is there and it’s on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t, quite, spit it out. Not so with Denmark’s Rambuk. They sound exactly like Lamb Of God. EXACTLY like ‘em.

So, whether Rambuk’s debut full length album will appeal comes down to how much you like Lamb Of God.

Don’t like ‘em? Then do not hit play.

Don’t mind them (especially the older stuff)? Crack on fella, Lamb of G…..sorry, Rambuk are waiting to greet you with open arms!

On the flip-side, if you frickin’ love Lamb Of God then Rambuk may very well piss you off as their recreation of LoG’s greatest hits (or should that be ‘hit’) isn’t in the slightest bit subtle.

With Alex doing his very best to mimic every vocal tick in Randy Blythe’s arsenal – including nicking his baritone spoken word bit from “Laid to Rest” in “Rats In The Walls” – you could forgive him for using Chains as an audition tape, just in case Randy departs the LoG fold. Still, as impressions go….his is a damn fine one. The boy can roar, scream and growl with the best of them.

In an effort to deliver a balanced review we will say this. Rambuk can play. They’ve got this groove/death/thrash metal lark down pat. Chains is crisp, concise and offers an abundance of, admittedly predictable, headbangy moments…..check out “23 & 1” if proof is required.

So, thanks Rambuk, you made it so goddamn easy to write this. In fact, you make it spill on the page. 5/10

Rambuk‘s Chains was released independently on 14th January, 2022

<br />Rambuk - Chains
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