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Abysuss – Death Revival – Album Review

With Greek old-school death metallers Abyssus focusing on a late 80’s Possessed meets Death meets Obituary meets Malevolent Creation– esque approach, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d heard this shit a million time before.

And you have.

Back in the bloody 80s.

However, a complete lack of originality aside – and with the title of Abyssus‘ sophomore album more than suggesting they understand how derivative their sound is – doesn’t detract from the fact that Death Revival is an absolute blast!

Short, snappy and savage, these 7 tracks whip by in a frenzy of death/thrash belligerence; relentlessly doffing their cap to all the aforementioned bands and yet still making this over-familiar sound their own. Kostas Analytis ably belches and howls like John Tardy’s younger cousin and the band rages around him, ripping riffs and atmospherics straight from the Obituary and Possessed rulebook.

Sure, Death Revival is predictable but with songs this good….it’s also ridiculously enjoyable! 8/10

AbysussDeath Revival is available now via Transcending Obscurity Records

<br />Abyssus - Death Revival
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