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Worship Metal Album of the Week – Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm

A swirling, swarming mass of cyber-thrash perfection!

Brace yourselves thrashers, for the future has arrived!

Hands up, who thought thrash was dead? You, at the back. We know you did! You said so enough times on the comments section of AngryBlabberInjectionMetalWhateverTheFuck. Well, guess what you nappy-wearing thrash naysayers…..thrash is NOT fucking dead.

Not. In. The. Slightest.

2021 has already given us a plethora (that’s right, a plethora) of quality thrash releases – here’s a few examples for those who’s head has been so far up their elitist ass that they failed to notice :

EnforcedKill Grid (crushing crossover)

ParanormEmpyrean (progressive cyber-thrash genius)

ViolblastLazarus Abandoned (a thrashing wall of sound)

Now, new boys Cryptosis have downloaded their own cyber-thrash debut, and Bionic Swarm is every inch the world-beater most of us thought it was going to be!

We say ‘new boys’ but Cryptosis have actually been flogging that ‘frash’ horse for a while now; previously under the ‘typically thrash’ name of Distillator, who were a damn fine band in themselves. However, Distillator have resolutely transformed – upgraded in fact – into a Vektor-esque, cyber-thrash juggernaut that should dispel all notions that thrash, in 2021, is a moribund genre.

So much more than mere diversification, Bionic Swarm represents the second coming for these seasoned thrashers, one that replicates the cyber-transfiguration that has led Cryptosis to the transformative state they can be found inhabiting today.

With more atmospheric numbers such as the enthralling “Prospect of Immortality” nestling next to the ‘thrashier’ likes of “Decypher“, Bionic Swarm truly has everything a fan of progressive/technical futuristic thrash could desire; wholly exhibiting a perfect union of classic thrash tropes and the bold, experimental nature of Vektor.

Instantly reinvigorating a genre that very much needed a jump-start, Bionic Swarm is the perfect companion-piece to Paranorm‘s aforementioned Empyrean and Vektor‘s almighty Terminal Redux (2016).

The future of thrash is certainly safe in the hands of Cryptosis. 9/10

Cryptosis - Bionic Swarm (Album Review) | Metal Trenches: Because You Need  To Be Told What To Listen To
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