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Worship Metal Album of the Week – Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga

Power metal fans can believe the hype!

It may only be early January, but we’d be surprised if we stumble upon a release this year that competes with the all-conquering, chest-beating power metal prowess of this 100% monster of an album from Sweden’s Brothers Of Metal!

Hailing from Falun, Sweden, Brothers Of Metal are an extraordinary 8-piece who have been taking the metal world by (lightning) storm. With a flair for the theatrical and a complete disregard for giving two shits about cliched metal credibility, these brothers in arms should appeal to anyone who has ever said they love heavy fuckin’ metal.

And frankly, what’s not to like?

The riffs are as powerful, expressive and as stirring as you’d expect. The beauty and the beast vocals work extremely well throughout and, in particular, the vocal hooks on “Chainbreaker” are exquisite. Moments of folk whimsy amidst Norse mythology are effectively employed and perfectly balanced by Emblas Saga‘s heavier moments and wicked wordplay, both humorous and educational, thrives as these storytellers weave tales of god-like grandeur….with their tongue set firmly in their cheek for the most part!

Each song is an absolute fucking winner but our highlights would be “Powersnake” – which sounds like a nickname given to Ron Jeremy’s massive appendage and is just as intimidating – and “Theft of the Hammer”, which is every bit as cheesy and bombastic as its title would suggest; it’s nonsense but it’s brilliant nonsense. Even the syrupy ballad that is “Weaver Of Fate” has its place, an immaculately composed and performed track which adds another level of fragile beauty to an album overflowing with gouda and godliness.

Heavy enough to appease the hardened metallers and melodic enough to rope in a new generation of fans who don’t even know what power metal is, Brothers Of Metal have huge crossover appeal and their distinctive brand of brazen metal is ridiculously enjoyable; from first track to last. In fact, such is the magnitude of this fantastic album, our only conclusion is that Brothers Of Metal are aiming for the big leagues….and they’ve the fist-pumping, cheesy-grin-prompting songs to achieve it! 8/10

Brothers Of Metal
Emblas Saga
AFM Records
10th January 2020

Pre-order ‘Emblas Saga’: https://shop.afm-records.de/brothers-of-metal/

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