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Symphonic Metal Collective VALCATA Release New Single, “Tower”

Valcata are a symphonic/progressive metal opera collective assembled by Oha Cade, a composer based in New York. The music is produced online in its entirety and features musicians from around the globe, including both emerging and established artists. They first debuted with a self-titled album in 2019. ‘Tower’ is their new standalone single and was mixed by the acclaimed engineer Jacob Hansen (Pyramaze, Volbeat, Amaranthe).

“We hope you’re as excited for this release as we are,” writes composer Oha Cade, “Since our debut in October 2019, I’ve been feverishly working on new music. While my ultimate goal is to create another full-length album, some things just can’t wait. When you hear this song and the lyrical themes, you’ll see why.”

Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Deaton LeMay Project) — as Hessabi
Angel Wolf-Black (Goditha, Alexandra Zerner, Vivaldi Metal Project) — as Hypatia
Joshua Morse (The Doubted) — as Morbus

João Miguel (Enblood, Tokyo Wanderer)

Chris Kollias (SL Theory, Serenity Broken, Persona Non Grata)

Jonas Schütz (Sacrosanct, Sapiency, Eraserhead, Diësis, Condemned to Dream, First Encounter, Oceanrise)

Nathaniel Wolkstein (Just Nathaniel, Gravity the Architect, Imagine the Moon)

Oha Cade

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