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Transcending Obscurity Records Album Review Round-Up (January-March 2021)

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Sepulcros – Vazio [Portugal]

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Released: March 12th, 2021

Genre: Death/Doom

As suffocatingly heavy as death/doom gets, Sepulcros‘ debut album, Vazio, has been turning heads…..and for very good reason!

While we can’t imagine anyone truly ‘enjoys’ listening to music as barbarically bleak as this, there’s no denying the sheer power on display. Moments of light do filter through on occasion – the delicate opening to “Hecatombe” for example – but, overall, listening to Vazio is as troubling an experience as you could ever wish to encounter.

‘Vazio’ in Portuguese translates as empty and that’s exactly how this album makes you feel. Whether you feel empty because this album’s atmospheric death/doom is so overwhelmingly oppressive that you’ve involuntarily evacuated the entirety of your bowels or you’re left so destitute, so insubstantial, that all emotion has been drained from your being, the overall result is the same; Sepulcros have achieved what they set out to achieve!

The above may suggest that we don’t like Vazio.

Wrong. We love it.

Vazio is simply one of the darkest, most disturbing death/doom debuts in existence. 8/10

Line up
SB – Vocals
NZ (Summon, Viles Vitae, Abominamentum) – Guitars
RT – Guitars
AH (Candura, Summon) – Bass
JS (Summon) – Drums

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