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Transcending Obscurity Records Album Review Round-Up (January-March 2021)

Carnage awaits!

Transcending Obscurity Records has been home to some of the finest extreme metal of the last few years, with the label steadily building a formidable roster of bands who excel in every metal sub-genre imaginable.

Worship Metal’s reviews each and every release from this great label during the first quarter of 2021…..

Revulsion – Revulsion [Finland]

Revulsion By Revulsion Free Download MP3 & Flac — Rock Flac

Released: February 5th, 2021

Genre: Death Metal

Finnish death metal kicks ass. Serious ass. With a long lineage of high quality bands emerging from Finland’s shores since the early 90’s (Amorphis, Convulse, Demigod, Demilich, Depravity, Purtenance to name but a few) expectations are always high for a new name in Finnish death metal to come along and blow our fuckin’ socks off.

Revulsion are one such band.

While the term ‘new’ is somewhat of a misnomer – Revulsion formed in 2005 – this is their first recorded output since 2011’s Defiled EP and this self-titled release is their debut full length album.

With a punishing low end and oodles of groove, Revulsion are a satisfying mix of both the old and new, taking obvious cues from their forefathers while also setting their sights on the future of the genre. In fact, Revulsion‘s appropriation of recognisable melodic death metal, death/doom and brutal death metal influences actually leads to a welcome diversity – as opposed to over-familiarity – and their powerful grooves will have you head-banging for a fortnight.

With a sound that’s meaty and performances that are beefy, Revulsion is a tasty debut indeed! 8/10

Line up
Aleksi Huhta – Vocals
Jari Toppinen – Guitar
Jarkko Viitasalo – Guitar
Tuomas Alatalo – Bass
Atte Karppinen – Drums

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