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Tankard – Zombie Attack / Chemical Invasion / The Morning After / Alien – Re-Release Reviews

Essential thrash!

The Morning After (1988) [inc. Alien EP (1989)]

Tankard’s 3rd studio album was released in 1988 and was swiftly followed by the Alien EP the following year. At this stage, Tankard were a force to be reckoned with and their name was finally being uttered in the same breath as their German brethren in Kreator, Sodom and Destruction.

With The Morning After, Tankard’s sense of fun was amplified but so was there technical proficiency. These guys were improving at a rate of knots (despite the inebriation) and the likes of  “Commandments” shamed Slayer in the speed stakes.

Tankard were fast becoming one of thrash metal’s most violent acts but there was still fun to be had. The frenetic likes of “Shit-Faced” and the title-track reinforced Tankard’s credentials as a party band to be reckoned with but their standing in thrash circles was only increasing with each release.

Notably punk in flavour, this relentless little shit of an album will still leave you with a head-banging hangover regardless of whether you sank 10 pints the night before! 8/10

1989’s Alien proved to be a relatively stereotypical Tankard release but then anyone wanting more than beer-soaked party anthems were shopping in the wrong store.

No more than a stop-gap release, Tankard’s first EP still provided enough punky thrash thrills to keep fans more than happy and “666 Packs” (the perfect chaser to the iconic “Empty Tankard”) remains a barn-storming thrash classic!

Not mandatory but a nice little bonus. 7/10

2CD (6 panel Digipak w/ 16 page booklet)

4.TV hero
6.Try Again
7.The Morning After
9.Feed The Lohocla
10.Help Yourself
11.Mon Cheri
14.666 Packs
15.Live To Dive
17.(Empty) Tankard

Zombie Attack / Chemical Invasion – release date 24th November 2017
The Morning After / Alien – release date 1st December 2017


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