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Tankard – Zombie Attack / Chemical Invasion / The Morning After / Alien – Re-Release Reviews

Essential thrash!

Chemical Invasion (1987)

Just one year later, Tankard’s sophomore effort burst onto the scene and it was immediately evident that Tankard were much more than a mere gimmicky joke band and Chemical Invasion went on to, arguably, claim its place as Tankard’s definitive release.

Like the mad scientist depicted on the album artwork, Tankard threw everything into their heady brew of intense drumming, barely controlled riffs and histrionic vocals. Seemingly just one more drink away from careening out of control entirely, Tankard’s hellish fury occasionally calmed with the open acoustic guitar strum of “For A Thousand Beers” providing ample proof that these guys could play….and they could play well!

“Total Addiction” and “Don’t Panic” are teutonic thrash classics, but it was the shifting patterns of the fast and furious 8 minute epic “Traitor”, that proved that Tankard were now more than capable of keeping up with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom.

Chemical Invasion is still an album that demands to be listened to while very, very drunk, with the room spinning and projectile puke just one more whirlwind head-bang away! True party thrash from one of thrash metal’s most endearing, and enduring, bands!

If you don’t already own this mandatory release then Noise Records’ reissue is a must-buy! 9/10

1 CD (2 panel Digipak w/ 12 page booklet)

2.Total Addiction
4.Don’t Panic
6.For A Thousand Beers
7.Chemical Invasion
8.Farewell To A Slut

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