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Tankard – Zombie Attack / Chemical Invasion / The Morning After / Alien – Re-Release Reviews

Essential thrash!

Noise Records are re-releasing the first three classic Tankard albums with Zombie Attack, Chemical Invasion and The Morning After (inc. the Alien EP) arriving on CD and limited edition Splatter Vinyl at the tail end of November and beginning of December 2017!

These are classics of the genre but we’ve given ’em a retrospective review nonetheless…..after all, there’s always room for more TANKARD!

Zombie Attack (1986)

Released in arguably the finest year thrash has ever known (1986), Tankard’s debut made a decent splash   but still finds itself semi-forgotten when talking about the cream of thrash albums of 1986, even though its considerable merits are still more than evident!

With Tankard’s simple formula cemented from the get-go (a formula that they’ve barely deviated from), their potent brew of light speed thrash, beer, whiskey, parody and partying hard began in earnest on Zombie Attack and the world was introduced to the finest drinking/party thrash band on the planet.

Home to the thrash classic “(Empty) Tankard”, the remaining 9 tracks on Zombie Attack are just as urgent, just as infections and, frankly, just as timeless in 2017.

While they were perceived as a bit of a joke at this stage, it’s important to note that Zombie Attack didn’t just lurch into view, it sprinted straight at you with teeth gnashing and pint glasses raised….Tankard had arrived! 8/10

1CD (2 panel Digipak w/ 12 page booklet)

Track List
1.Zombie Attack
2.Acid Death
4.Maniac Forces
6.(Empty) Tankard
7.Thrash Till Death
10.Screamin’ Victims

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