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Sasquatch – Maneuvers – Album Review

The Sasquatch approaches!

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L.A. heavy stoner rockers Sasquatch are stomping back with new album Maneuvers – released on June 20th via their own imprint, Mad Oak Records – and their 70’s metal, rock and psychedelia meets Soundgarden and Corrosion of Conformity (circa Deliverance) is as mythically addictive as ever.

With more fuzz than Jim Henson’s Workshop, Maneuvers is a riff-addicts wet dream made flesh as Sasquatch bash their way through a concise set of tunes that deliver maximum impact with minimal histrionics. While firmly in stoner metal/rock territory, Sasquatch have noticeably stripped back the jams while still kickin’ ’em out, sounding more focused than ever and the result is an unstoppable beast of an album. There isn’t an ounce of fat on Maneuvers and any urge to meander through meaningless minutes of reverb (as is the want of many bands in the genre) has been jettisoned in favour of a more considered approach. It works, as Maneuvers is an instant and insistent winner.

With a voice that croons and hollers like an amalgamation of Trent Reznor and Chris Cornell (RIP), vocalist Keith Gibbs sounds magnificent throughout and no more so than on the highly emotive final track, “Window Pain”. Bridging the gap between psychedelic stoner rock and a good old fashioned rock ballad, this closing salvo ups the drama without losing sight of what makes Sasquatch so damn endearing….and that’s the power of a fuzzed-the-fuck-up, time honoured riff!

This power-trio have scored big with Maneuvers, scaling a consistent body of work (5 albums now and counting since 2004’s self titled debut) that’s steadily been building to this moment. The result is a paean to 70’s psych rock and classic Sabbath riffs fed through an early 90’s grunge grinder led by the indomitable Soundgarden. Outstanding. 9/10 

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