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Chaos – All Against All – Album Review

Let the chaos reign!

Source // Chaos - All Against All

We’ve been hit with a deluge of quality thrash so far this year, from bands that inhabit all corners of the globe and who have arguably harnessed and modernised the pioneering sounds of the genre’s forefathers with more gusto and ability than ever before. It’s fair to say that modern thrash is seriously riding high and India’s Chaos can now also be considered a part of the clique.

Chaos have been knocking around since 2005 but with just one album to their name, 2013’s raw and aggressive debut Violent Redemption, it’s high time they made their mark on the International scene and All Against All could very well be the album to do it!

With plenty to say on race relations and the state of society at large, these guys don’t fuck around when it comes to delivering their message and with the majority of tracks clocking in at around 3 mins (just how we like it), there’s zero fucks given to your wellbeing when it comes to Chaos’ all out attack (again, just how we like it). Coming across like a feral mix of Rob Dukes fronted Exodus meets late 80’s Kreator, these Indian thrashers sure as hell know their shit and All Against All is a bruising effort and one that comes with absolutely no remorse….that is until final track, “The Escape”, rears its head and something magical happens!>

It’s not often you find yourself comparing a modern day thrash outfit with a giant of 70’s prog rock but we’ll be damned if “The Escape” doesn’t segue into sounds worthy of Pink Floyd circa the Dark Side Of the Moon. It’s a surprise when it arrives but the fluidity of guitarist Nikhil N R recalls the careful vibrato, bend, and sustained note skill of David Gilmour and ends All Against All on an extremely high note and, at the last gasp, perfectly counterbalances the savagery that preceded it.

While not quite in the same league as the latest efforts from Harlott, Lich King, Terrifier and the aforementioned Kreator, Chaos have still managed to get themselves noticed during a particularly stellar year and All Against All should be added to your ever-increasing ‘must-hear’ thrash list forthwith! 7/10

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