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Sarcator – Visions Of Purgatory – EP Review

Too young for old school thrash metal???

Having a Father heavily involved in the metal scene can certainly give you a boost, especially in the early stages of your career. On the other hand, it may raise certain expectations and/or comparisons to his band which can, of course, be advantageous if you need it. But what if you don’t need the help?

What if you are a precociously talented 14 year old boy with your own perspective on how extreme metal should sound? What if, along with a few other young musicians (the eldest member of Sarcator is only 20 years old) you manage to present us with real old school thrash metal, in the vein of Sodom, with Swedish death metal influences with comparable ease?

What if your music is so damn good many people will believe its been written by a bunch of 40+ aged metalheads? What if your songs are not just full of passion but also great technique? What if these 4 songs, taken from your 2 previous demos and re-released by Redefining Darkness Records as Visions Of Purgatory, sound so damn dynamic the listener is left craving more?

With all that being said, the very mention that the young guitarist and composer in question is the son of Marko Tervonen, he of Swedish melo-death greats, The Crown, is not really a vital piece of information, merely a little extra fact that the band doesn’t really need to rely on in order to impress.

Instead, Sarcator make their mark via the quality of their music and Visions Of Purgatory makes us excited and expectant about their future…..no matter how the old the band members and how famous their parents may be! 8/10

1. Purgatory Unleashed
2. Deicidal
3. Desolate Visions
4. Sepulchral Noise

Felix Lindkvist – Rhythm Guitars/Vocals
Mateo Tervonen – Lead Guitars
Emil Eriksson – Bass
Jesper Rosén – Drums


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