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Power Trip – Nightmare Logic – Album Review

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Now this is how you deliver a crossover thrash record in 2017! Power Trip’s Nightmare Logic is one mean mutha of an album, hyped up on hardcore’s rancour and thrash metal’s speed and precision and it’s simply a joy to behold. Frankly, we thought album’s like this would not (could not) materialise this late in the game…..how wrong we were!

Opening up with the S.O.D-esque stomp of “Soul Sacrifice”, Riley Gales’s feral howl brings everything to life as Power Trip unleash all hell in the name of crossover thrash! Frankly, each track crushes all in its path, never dipping in intensity, never delivering anything but the most spine-splintering selection of chugging riffs and Kerry King inspired solos. It’s all fuckin’ marvellous!

This certainly ain’t no lightweight, jokey thrash album either. Power Trip are a serious enterprise and this album has something to say, with some hefty weight behind both the music and the message. Fashioning some sense of logic out of the nightmarish world of conformity and nanny-state politics we’re currently living in, Nightmare Logic tries to makes sense of this fever dream known as reality and come out the other side; bruised, battered but belligerently in control of our own destiny. That’s an alternative manifest right there!

Speaking of alternative manifest’s….Power Trip’s debut, Manifest Decimation, was fuckin’ great but Nightmare Logic is absolutely outstanding. Crossover thrash has found its new leaders in the formidable shape of Power Trip!

Check. This. Lot. Out. Now! 9/10

Power Trip Nightmare Logic

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