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Planeetta 9 – Pirun Piiska – EP Review

Hailing from southern Finland, Planeetta 9‘s Pirun Piiska EP is a four-part doom rock homage to old-school concept albums, replete with Sabbath-ian riffs, Finnish folk flourishes and all manner of sojourns into space-rock territory.

Look, we don’t speak Finnish so conceptually / lyrically, we haven’t got a scooby-doo what’s going on here. It all sounds traditionally doomy though – with big balled choruses thrown in for good measure – so all seems well in this regard!

Opener “Pirun Piiska” (check it out above) follows an expected trajectory, and is underpinned by a relatively basic but pretty damn satisfying, ball-crushing riff while “Sama Hauta” is held together by a similarly good ol’ fashioned, neck-flexing, doom riff that morphs into a semi-exuberant chorus which seems to be Planeetta 9‘s stock in trade.

Both heavy and accessible, Planeetta 9‘s palette is diverse and entrenched in cultural embellishment. Each track offers a diverting take on trad doom – with “Juoksuhiekka”‘s mournful use of cello / violin bringing to mind the more morose elements of My Dying Bride without becoming quite as morbid – and the effect is, overall, convincing throughout. 6/10

Release Date: March 25th 2021
Record label: Self published
Genre: Doom Rock

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