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Negative Thought Process – Hell  Is… Much Better Than This – EP Review

Negativity breeds.....

UK trio Negative Thought Process have a pretty clear definition of what life on Earth currently amounts to and that’s Hell  Is… Much Better Than This. A statement that’s pretty damn clear whichever way you cut it!

An unholy doctorate of seething rage, this punishing set rages against modern society and all its incalculable ills across six tracks in just ten minutes. Such quick bursts of face-searing nihilism means we can only be in crust punk / grind core / power violence territory and Negative Thought Process revel in admonishing us all via filthy, grimy bursts of coruscating noise.

This thing hurts, as the truth so often does, and with vocalist / guitarist Danny Page spitting out vitriol in a manner reminiscent of Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway you’d be a fool to argue with them.

Angry! 7/10

1. Hell is… Much Better Than This
2. I Am Scum
3. Cognitive Dissonance
4. Stagnant
5. Festering in Ignorance
6. Force Fed Life

Negative Thought Process
Hell Is… Much Better Than This
Hibernacula Records
24 April 2020

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