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Dare You Enter The Hypnotically Horrible World Of Experimental Metal Duo, CATAFALQUE?!


Catafalque are an experimental metal duo, hailing from the UK, who are taking influence from across the entire musical spectrum. Their debut album combines elements of harsh noise, fuzz laden drone and doom metal, with a dousing of industrial, to create what has aptly been described as an ‘hypnotically horrible’ release (and we aren’t going to argue with that!). With an ethos to create dense walls of sound, Catafalque is best served LOUD and anyone brave enough to enter will find themselves engulfed in a unique listening experience.

The main conspirators behind Catafalque are Dan Dolby (bassist in sludgecore behemoths, Mastiff) and Thomas Ozers (chief noise provocateur in The Dead Yesterdays) who birthed the band through a shared love of extreme experimental music. Each individual’s approach to creating sound is markedly different, using a vast variety of instrumentation to achieve their required end result. Despite this, when the results come together the amalgamation works as one distinctly (un)harmonious unit.

Catafalque will be released on Limited Edition Digipack CD (limited to 50) as well as Digital Download.

Pre-order information can be found here: https://trepanationrecordings.bandcamp.com/releases

Catafalque are planning to take their show on the road throughout latter half 2019. If you get the chance to witness them live, BE PREPARED TO SACRIFICE YOUR HEARING!

Ultimately designed for those enamoured with the drone, noise, experimental nature of Sunn O))), The Body, Nadja, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Godflesh, Gnaw Their Tongues, Swans and Earth and certainly not for the faint of heart!

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