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Insect Ark – The Vanishing – Album Review

Reflecting the impermanence of life.....

Imagine that you’re listening to a soundtrack for a visually arresting documentary that shows a vast Arizonan desert under black clouds and thundering skies. The music is filled with a driving distorted lap steel guitar, some rumbling bass guitar and the sound of heavy and skillful drumming. The creators of this imaginary movie soundtrack are the American duo known as Insect Ark and on their new album, The Vanishing, they play six dense and diverse songs in the vein of American bands such as Earth and Grails.

If you’ve heard Insect Ark before you’ll be familiar with their unmistakable, mystical sound. The Vanishing is a tremendous collection of trippy instrumentals – replete with eerie effects and unpredictable twists – that continues the moody vibe they captured on their previous Profound Lore release, Marrow Hymns.

Over the course of 42 minutes, Insect Ark find a fine balance between heaviness, melody and plenty of meaty riffs enhanced by electronic effects and lovers of heavy rock, soundtrack music and experimental vibes, should embark down Insect Ark’s unique path of sonic magic to fill your dark soul.

If you need a change of pace from your usual extreme music cravings, you’d do well to check out The Vanishing as Insect Ark have released one of the best instrumental rock albums of 2020. 9/10

Insect Ark‘s The Vanishing was released on February 28th, 2020. Head over to bandcamp and grab a copy!

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