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Morgul Blade – Fell Sorcery Abounds – Album Review

From the bloody battlefields of Philadelphia come Morgul Blade and their debut LP, Fell Sorcery Abounds. Morgul Blade play epic metal with a Viking/black metal intensity and it’s hard to believe that the band isn’t from Germany or Scandinavia as they’ve clearly nailed the sound and style with a fine blend of epic dual-guitar driven metal – with both black metal and clean male vocals.

From the galloping metal of Iron Maiden to the simpler catchiness of Bathory, Morgul Blade play their music with confidence and creativity.
To get a good sense of Morgul Blade’s appeal, check out their video for the song “A Last Waltz of Gevaudan”. The visuals are old-school styled 16-bit computer game graphics and it’s one of the most unique metal videos out there….for an excellent classic metal song about a French monster wolf in the 18th Century.

The vivid cover art by Wyrmwalk speaks to Morgul Blade’s excellence and obsession with all things fantasy (their name refers to the blade that a Nazgul stabbed Frodo Baggins with in Fellowship of the Ring).

Fell Sorcery Abounds is an impressive full length debut by a young band that are skilled song writers and excellent musicians. 8/10

Morgul Blade‘s Fell Sorcery Abounds was released on November 26th, 2021 via No Remorse Records

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